Thursday, July 10, 2008

Tucking in pies from Tuck Shop

Anything wrapped in dough is worthy of adoration in my book, and I'd long thought about popping in for one of the Down Under meals-in-a-crust being sold at Tuck Shop. On the way to having drinks with our co-workers at d.b.a., DL and I decided to grab a few to pair with our beers.
It took a while for our pies to heat up properly, but once we got them over to the garden area of d.b.a. and dug in, we found they were worth the wait. The Guinness steak and mushroom pie I got had a buttery, flaky crust bursting with tender chunks of beef in gravy, its flavor nicely balanced. The pies were hefty, too, meaning one made quite a satisfying meal. Altogether they were way better than the ones I sampled at DUB Pies, though the comparison might be unfair (these were fresh, and I waited until the next day to eat the ones from DUB).
IMG_5749.JPG IMG_5751.JPG
DL also picked up a lamington, a square of butter cake that had been dipped in chocolate and rolled in coconut. As it made the rounds among our coworkers they discovered the thin line of strawberry jam running through the middle, since we had begun breaking off pieces of the cake from the wrong end. Happily, the lamington came back to us intact enough so that we were able to eat another bite of cake, chocolate, and coconut complete with jam, providing a fruity and just-sweet-enough ending to a perfectly Aussie lunch.

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