Saturday, July 19, 2008

Brunching on burritos at Mojave

Sometimes Astoria surprises me. It's mostly a family-filled, mom-and-pop kind of area, and most of the time it feels most appropriate to eat at the random long-established restaurants lined up along its avenues. But it does have its fair share of large, trendy, modern restaurants, and Mojave is probably among the newest to arrive. As sister to the popular Southwestern restaurant Agave, Mojave shares a similar look and a similar menu with its sibling.
TL and I ended up there one Saturday for brunch. My breakfast burrito, filled with scrambled eggs and pieces of steak and wrapped with a super-fresh tortilla, looked small on the vast white plate it arrived on but was deliciously filling. I was indifferent to the bright orange home fries, but they weren't bad, just not anything special. RT raved about their dinner menu a few weeks later, so I sort of want to go back, but then again there are so many places to eat, who knows.

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