Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Real fireworks, this time

Last month my family and I attended the Cunningham Park performance of the New York Philharmonic, part of their Concerts in the Park program. I first went with RO years ago, and have been taking my parents since (I skip the ones held at the Great Lawn in Central Park as they're simply too hectic). Typically, the folks bring food, lawn chairs, and blankets from the house and my brother and I meet them at the park after work, but this year I told my parents I would take care of dinner. However, since I was a little lost for inspiration and short on time, I turned to the old standby: spicy tuna kimbap (and assorted pajeon) from Woorijip. Like I said, kimbap makes the perfect picnic food.
Since there were more of us this year than just my family—TC and her family met us there, and GQ came along too—I also hopped down to Chinatown to pick up several bánh mì from Sau Voi Corporation, which I've written about before. Two of the special, and two of the grilled chicken variety; both were great. Sau Voi is actually growing on me as one of the most consistently tasty bánh mì in town.
Aside from avoiding the crowds, the other main draw for going to Cunningham Park is that their firework display at the end is awesome, way more awesome than the one in Central Park, which you can only see off in the distance. At Cunningham they really do look like they're falling on your head, and for me (and TC) it's the real highlight of the night. Especially after our debacle at the LIC piers just a week or so earlier, it was just what we needed to satisfy out fireworks jones.

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