Thursday, September 11, 2008

Benjamas (ho hum) Taste of Thai

Maybe you can tell—I like Thai food, and the noodle dishes in particular. And as it turns out, TL does too. Most of the time we end up ordering the same thing: Thai iced tea and iced coffee, pad see-ew and pad thai. Following tradition, when we stepped into Benjamas Taste of Thai in Astoria for lunch, it didn't take us long to decide what we wanted.

After the iced coffee I'd had at Zabb Thai, I remembered to I ask for my coffee to be less sweet, which was a good move. Here it was rich and strong, mellowed more by milk than with sugar.
My pad see-ew with shrimp was satisfying though nothing special. Chewy rice noodles, good-sized shrimp, bok choy instead of Chinese broccoli. It had decent flavor and was only a little bit over-sweet, but still, nothing elevated these noodles to extraordinary. It could have benefited from a longer char in the pan.
TL's pad thai was wet, too, but the flavor wasn't bad. Like the pad see-ew, it was good not great, decent enough for what it was, and comparable to the other places in the neighborhood. Probably an accurate summary for the place overall.

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