Friday, September 12, 2008

Canton Gourmet: (Fried) rice and (string) beans

Back to Canton Gourmet, not for the bland crab I wrote about last time (too huge for two people to experiment with again) but definitely for a repeat of the golden needle fried rice and to try some of their other dishes.
TL picked out the string beans with minced pork, which was great. The plump, sweet string beans were tender and snappy at the same time; from the looks of their slightly blistered skins my guess is that they had been quickly blanched in hot oil prior to being stir-fried. Paired with minced pork and pungent, salty preserved radish, this dish was very xia fan, which is an description used in Mandarin when a dish is particularly satisfying with rice and makes you want to gobble it up.
I added on the Peking pork chops, as I was in the mood for something junky and meaty (hey, I get cravings for General Tso's just like anyone else). These chops, while a little fatty, hit the spot and weren't too sweet or coated in sickly red sauce either.
The rice, of course. I heart this rice. Can someone send me some over here in Colorado, please?

And yes, the picture I took the last time was way better. Damn you, lack of natural lighting.
Along with the customary oranges we received a complimentary bowl of hot mung bean soup, sweet and perfect after our meal. With that, I was happy to conclude that Canton Gourmet had delivered the good stuff once again. Once I'm back in New York City, I'm demanding a visit.

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