Saturday, October 4, 2008

Pantry pasta

Here's another thing I made* that was all about the quick 'n' easy: a cold pasta salad with corn, peas, carrots, tuna, and mayonnaise. The veggies had been frozen, the tuna was from a can, and the mayo was from…a jar. Um, and the macaroni was from a box.

Oh, I added in some chopped jalapeƱos, too. Jarred.
What can I say? At the time I didn't have a bike yet, and when I went grocery shopping with CH I bought a ton of non-perishables and things I could freeze, since I didn't know when I would have a car taking me around again. So from the pantry and the freezer, this is what I came up with. Unfortunately, unlike veggie/pinto stews, pasta salad does not freeze well, and I was still overestimating. So it was tasty, for the first few days at least….

*Sorry about the grainy pics. I went a full week with the wrong ISO setting turned on!

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