Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The terrible, horrible, no good, very bad bao

I was so excited when I saw these in the case. CH and I had been in Denver several weeks earlier, loading up on groceries at Viet Hoa Supermarket, when I saw a sign for an Asian bakery just before we pulled out of the lot. It was dingy inside and the cases were empty—it looked more like a wholesale place than a retail bakery—but in a glass-walled refrigerator on the side I spotted two baskets of large, saran-wrapped steamed buns. Even though they were hard and cold, and looked dried-out on the outside, I bought three and crossed my fingers that they would be delicious. After all, even a bad bao is still pretty good…right?

The answer is no. When I steamed one later on (I had promptly stowed them in the freezer), I discovered how wrong I was. The dough was crumbly and dry, the meat tasted and felt like cardboard, the pieces of Chinese sausages were without flavor, and the tiny hard-boiled quail egg was rubbery. These were bao that tasted of sadness.
I suppose I should have guessed. I mean, look at the wretched thing, with its dry, cracked skin.

When I go home for winter break, I'm bringing back a load of my dad's baozi, damnit.


  1. Dude I thought that was a thumb in there. Gross. Also bad is bao whose outside is yums but once you bite in, the innards are smushy and fall apart in a not-tasty way :(

    PS Would you like a care package?

  2. oh no! i'm so sorry it was bad. you should make your own if you have time! or just have your parents freeze them and ship them to you!

  3. Yvo: Ewww. SO not a thumb. (Sent you an email btw.)

    Xiu: I was thinking about tackling my own! If I have time at some point I will.