Wednesday, October 15, 2008

When you need to bring beer to a party…

It's good to have a basket on your bike.

Above, Flying Dog mixed pack: Classic Pale Ale; In-Heat Wheat Hefeweizen; Old Scratch Amber Lager; Road Dog Porter; Tire Bite Golden Ale; Snake Dog India Pale Ale; and seasonal Woody Creek White Belgian Wit. I didn't try all of these, but I imagine I will at some point. After all, the brewery is based in Denver, and I'm among folks who love beer.


  1. that is pretty hilarious. I can just see you hitting bad-ass bump and seeing all that beer go "flying" out of the basket. ('cmon you got (b)ad puns all over your site)

  2. at least we know you don't drink and drive. Drinking and pedaling, however. . .

  3. avisualperson: I'll have you know that I secured that sucker with a bungee cord before taking off. Whether or not fizz came pouring out of the bottles when they were opened, however, is another matter.

    nancy: Don't jinx me with talk of a BUI!