Sunday, November 30, 2008

Taqueria los comales, again

I first ate at Taqueria los Comales back in June, when I came to Fort Collins for a weekend to scope out housing. After trying their chicken burrito, I was eager to try more items from their menu, especially when I got here and realized the place was only a few streets away from my apartment.

A mishap with laundry led me there again. I was midway through my wash when I realized I had miscalculated the number of quarters I had for the dryer, and it was too cold to hang my clothing on the line instead. Where to get change? So I called in a pick-up order for four carnitas tacos and one carne asada torta at Taqueria los Comales, and exchanged a fiver for a handful of quarters once I paid. Dinner and laundry: done.

I ate the tacos that night, topped with a variety of salsa and condiments that I had packed up from the salsa bar: chipotle salsa, salsa verde, salsa roja, pico de gallo, lime wedges, and charred, marinated jalapenos. They were good, but I was reminded of why I rarely eat tacos: too freaking messy! If my hands weren't drippy already, I would have switched to a knife and fork. Because I am a princess.
As for the torta, I had it for lunch the next day. The sandwich was huge, though mostly because of the bread diameter and not because it was packed high with ingredients. It was good once I flattened and heated it in a pan, as it should have been prepared in the first place (it had come without any grilling at all). I think there are better tortas out there but this one was still satisfying.

By the way, it seems that in the last half year prices have gone up. When I ate there in the summer, tacos were four for $6.00 and a torta was $5.50; now both items have gone up by a dollar. At $7.00 and $6.50 respectively, neither item has entered into "expensive" territory, but they're no longer super cheap, either.


  1. That first pic has my stomach growling so loudly!!! And I had to laugh at your italicized statement. I'm a princess too.
    I'm very pleased to see that you have real tacos though. I'll admit that before this year, "real tacos" (with the two soft tortillas wrapping them) were not something I saw a lot or even knew existed (rather, I thought real tacos were, um, something else). So you still have good/authentic food available to you :) ***Let's find you some good Asian food though!!!

  2. Haha, the tacos were pretty good, but I despise the feel of oil dripping down my hand so much I will probably stick to the other items on the menu from now on. Sigh. And as for Asian food, I don't know man...