Wednesday, December 3, 2008

A bustling breakfast at the Silver Grill Cafe

Silver Grill Cafe, the "oldest restaurant in Northern Colorado," is celebrating its 75th anniversary this year, and people waiting at the door each morning for breakfast and brunch show that it's still doing well even after all this time. I went with CH one morning and was pleased to find the place had a bustling, cheerful vibe, with every table filled and people waiting to be seated. With a Bloody Mary station at the front and glass cases filled with trays of giant cinnamon rolls at the counter, it's not hard to see the restaurant's appeal.

I ordered the "Hot Cake Short Cut" from the "Lighter Side" menu: a buttermilk or blueberry pancake, one egg, and choice of ham, bacon, sausage patty, or sausage link. As you can see from the photo above, I went with the buttermilk pancake and the sausage patty, with my egg over-easy. CH and I also split a piece of their specialty toast, a cinnamon roll that had been split and then griddled until crisp on the outside. The pancake was fluffy, the ingredients clearly fresh, and the cinnamon roll toast was a sweet, moist treat. With a steaming cup of rich black coffee, it made for the perfect breakfast.
After Silver Grill, we went to check out the Winter's Farmer's Market being held in Old Town. Significantly less produce and more gifts and crafts on offer than at this one, but I did manage to pick up half a pound of organic fresh mushrooms from Hazel Dell. More on that to come later!


  1. Can I come visit you solely for that awesome sounding toast?! Hahaha I don't even like sweets that much :X

  2. I'm not a sweets fanatic either, but that toast was quite good! It wasn't overwhelmingly sweet.