Saturday, December 6, 2008

Not-food giveaway: Winner chosen!

Picture 3

I've really loved reading all of your comments, interweb lurkers. Sometimes I write posts and assume no one else reads them, so this is a nice reminder that I can't get too carried away with nonsense. I didn't know how readers would fare with my switch from New York City to Fort Collins, either, but ya'll seemed with it (or maybe everyone who wasn't has left already). Rest assured that in any case both cities will remain major parts of this blog. I am going back to NYC for a month in a few weeks, after all.

I plugged the total number of comments I got on the giveaway post into a random integer generator courtesy of, and received:
Picture 1
The eleventh commenter (and therefore winner) is Gastro888. Congratulations! Please email me through my profile page so I can send you the earring you chose: Perfect, a charming little dangle made of hematite and sparkling crystal quartz.
To everyone, thanks so much for playing. Please comment more, and not only when I bribe you. Now, back to the food!


  1. Thank you! Love the blog and can't wait to try the earrings on! Yippy!

  2. Darn I missed it, but you know how I found your blog...haha

  3. Gastro888, let me know when you get the earrings!

    Jess, I would give you earrings anytime anyway :)

  4. @Gastro888, could you please contact me at Thanks!