Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Mexican Russian Snowball Teacake Wedding?

I'm sure everyone's seen or tasted a version of this sweet before, and everyone's probably got a different name for it too, whether Russian Teacake, Mexican Wedding Cookie, or simply Snowball. Whatever they're called, these crunchy, buttery little rounds are studded with chopped nuts and have a powdered sugar coating that puffs out all over your clothes when you take a bite—so make sure you're not wearing black when you're eating these, or you'll wear the evidence.
Two days before I was due to fly back to NYC, I followed this recipe—with chopped almonds subbed in for pecans—to make a batch for an informal gathering at KS and WP's house that night. I used Sandy's tip to use a plastic bag when shaking the cookies in powdered sugar, advice which covered me and my kitchen in a light dusting instead of a flurry while making them, but still I got sugar all over my shirt when I ate some at the house. No matter—the same went for everyone else. We had all made it through a semester of graduate school, and that was reason enough to sit around a fireplace, drink hot chocolate with Baileys, and eat a cookie or two in celebration. First one down!

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