Thursday, December 25, 2008

Sushi, snacks, and Sapporo: Japas 27's party package

I'm back in New York City! And no more than a day after my arrival, I found myself in a karaoke room surrounded by sushi, fried things, and booze. It was J's birthday, and the fifteen or so of us were doing it up right with Japas 27's party package: for $35 each, we received two hours of singing, a huge amount of food, and unlimited beer, wine, and sake (which comes in pitchers for easy pouring. No pesky fumbling with bottles for us, no sir). Above is the spread that was waiting for us in the room, pristine before the carnage.
Spicy tuna rolls, shrimp tempura rolls, and California rolls. Mind you, there were three of these platters. I wouldn't call it great sushi, but it was decent enough.
Coconut shrimp, a "salad" with odd fried bits on top, chicken wings, french fries, sliced hot dogs, fried shumai, and a pile of quite good edamame. Standard fare, essentially, which obviously wasn't fresh out of the fryer and so suffered from the temperature drop (and plastic wrap on top). Still, no one complained—the assortment made perfect beer nibbles. There were three of these platters, too.
Add in a conga line of Sapporo, Heineken, and sake, and this is the scene three hours later. We probably only made it through about half of the food by then, but it's a good thing it was there, because something had to cushion all that alcohol.

Luckily (or unluckily) it wasn't until after a bunch of us called it quits that the topless women showed up. Boobs aren't part of the Japas package, but J's just a special kind of guy.


  1. I <3 this place! I went to this one for my birthday last year and it was pretty good - like you said, not outstanding food (which is provided by the Japanese restaurant that is always attached to each Japas location, btw) but great beer nibbles. The best part was not realizing there are 2-3 platters stacked on top of each other, and asking the waiter where our food was (while we were tipsy) and him silently lifting our empty platter off a full one, and us shrieking with glee. Ummm... yeah, hey, it was my birthday :P

  2. Yeah! Friends seem to be having karaoke celebrations like this more and more. There's something so extravagant about having all the platters laying out there for the pickin'.