Thursday, January 29, 2009

Beef and noodle nirvana

Just before noon I came home with cheese bread and bagels, and then for lunch my dad fixed me a big bowl of beef noodle soup. Good trade! Cabbage, chunks of braised beef, pickled mustard greens, and homemade noodles all floating in a savory beef broth, with a sprinkling of scallions on top. Plus a dollop of chili-garlic sauce for good measure. Yes, please.
It's really the noodles that do it for me. My dad rolls out a stiff dough and cuts out thick strips to make these extra-chewy noodles; this time he added some ground black sesame seed, which accounts for the speckles. Beef noodle soup is awesome, but I never can resist also having the noodles on their own, simply tossed with a little oyster sauce and sesame oil. I could probably eat that all day.

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