Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Massive and less massive, at Brooklyn Bagels & Coffee Company

Along with the pandebono, I also picked up a few bagels from Brooklyn Bagel & Coffee Company (warning: music plays on the site), another favorite place of mine in Astoria and located a few blocks away from La Casa del Pan. Their bagels are definitely of the oversized monster variety poo-poo'd by bagel purists, but I love them anyway—even as much as the ones at Hot Bialys, though they are very different specimens.

I bought a few of the onion and everything bagels and also got a "mini" everything bagel. You can see the difference in size above. What's amusing is that when I weighed them on a food scale later, the mini size came in at around five ounces—a hefty number when you consider they only used to weigh about three. And the "normal" size was just under eight ounces: nearly half a pound!
IMG_0765 IMG_0766
The bagels from Brooklyn Bagel & Coffee Company are generously covered in toppings, slightly sweet, and very chewy. The crust color tends to be a little pale. And like I said before: they're massive! I'm sure there are those who are horrified by this description, but for me it's just right. My parents agreed, too.


  1. hey, as long as they're chewy, it's allllright. it ain't the size, but the billowy-ness that kills me on some bagels.

  2. Yeah, that "ring-shaped roll" type o' bagel is the worst.

  3. If you're near Brooklyn, you really need to visit The Bagel Store in the Williamsburg area of Brooklyn. They have some of the best bagels and most unique bagel creations anywhere. Probably tied or even beating them out is Sam's Bagel Deli in Wayne, NJ. They are tops!