Thursday, March 12, 2009

From memory, a Filipino breakfast

My college ex-boyfriend was the one to introduce me to all things Filipino, and that included Filipino-style breakfasting. When he'd come to visit me or I'd come to visit him, he'd take a few cups of leftover white rice, plenty of chopped garlic, and some salt and stir up a pan full of garlic fried rice to be eaten alongside runny fried eggs and sweet, vinegary longanisa sausage. Ketchup and/or hot sauce were optional but welcome. And we ate, of course, with a fork and spoon.

It had been many years since I last ate a Filipino breakfast, but since I had a package of chicken longanisa in the freezer, I decided it was as good a time as any. Using my ex's old method I chopped up a head of garlic, sauteed it with oil and salt in a pan until the pieces became golden, and then added in two cups of cold white rice, breaking up any clumps with my spatula until each grain was hot and coated in the savory oil. In another pan I fried up the longanisa and the eggs, and I took out the ketchup and hot sauce from the refrigerator. Fifteen minutes later, I had a steaming plate of garlic fried rice, fried eggs, and fried sausage in front of me, and the way it filled my belly was just as good as I remembered.


  1. I agree that longanisa is so good. I like this breakfast; it sounds like a nice twist on what would be a traditional America sausage and eggs breakfast.

  2. Justine, it's definitely a nice change, especially having garlic fried rice instead of pancakes :)

  3. I ate this yesterday morning... but with turkey apple sausage from my bulk 24-count case. I called it a broke breakfast.

  4. I cheat from time to time when making the garlic fried rice. I collect the garlic dipping sauce from Papa Johns and well you can probably guess the rest.

  5. aloneconformist, definitely a good choice for broke breakfasting!

    Christopher, that is really funny. That buttery sauce in the mix can't be bad…although I suspect those little tubs might be more something like chemical butter…