Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Semi-fail: Roasted acorn squash

Maybe it was that I'd had the acorn squash on my counter for so long it went from dark green to mottled bright orange. Maybe it's that my oven runs hot, and burnt the outside of the squash before cooking the inside. Maybe it's that I just didn't add enough butter.

Whatever the reason, I wouldn't call my first time roasting acorn squash a success. It wasn't a failure, either, but in the end, something was less than spectacular about the results.
Oh, the innards tasted decent enough after I scooped them out and mashed them with more butter, more salt, and a drizzle of good Colorado honey, but really I was tasting the additions and not the squash itself. Next time: cook the squash before it gets old, and lower the temperature on the oven.

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