Thursday, April 2, 2009

Chock full o' scallions pancake

I got really excited when I saw a recipe for scallion pancakes posted on Use Real Butter. I have fond memories of rolling these out with my dad and trying to keep the pockets of oil, salt, and scallions from squishing out the edges of the dough. We usually made these on days we made dumplings—using the leftover dumpling dough once the filling ran out—and it was always so awesome to have a platter of scallion pancakes alongside the dumplings for the whole family to enjoy.

(Which reminds me, I really ought to tackle making dumplings from scratch sometime soon.)
Though Jen's recipe calls for vegetable oil to be spread over the rolled-out dough before adding salt and scallions, I chose to use dark sesame oil instead because I think it adds an extra depth of flavor. I also really loaded the pancakes up with chopped scallions—you can tell by how the pancakes look like they've burst apart (what can I say, I really like scallions). Finally, because I was trying to keep the fat and calories down, I used a minimal amount of oil in a nonstick pan to fry these up: I'm sure they would have been tastier had I done a more liberal pour of canola, but I just couldn't bring myself to do it. Hey, they were still delicious!


  1. neat. i was just looking for this recipie

  2. These make me excited too! I love savory pancakes too, perhaps even more than sweet ones. I bet they'd be a nice side dish to a roast or something. Or just on their own....

    Thanks for sharing,

  3. I have been wanting to try scallion pancakes. They look really good!

  4. Siri, I'm a big fan of savory bread products. And on their own they are definitely excellent; I especially like them for breakfast.

    Kevin, try making them! They're not too complicated, though there are a few extra steps.