Friday, April 3, 2009

Prime rib, reincarnated

Remember that leftover prime rib I took home from Austin's? It sat in my fridge for several days because I couldn't figure out what I wanted to do with it. Reheating cooked steak never seems to do anything but make the meat tough, so I knew I wanted to eat it cold, but beyond that I was definitely short on inspiration for how to make it taste good.

But after rummaging around in my refrigerator I found a container of cucumber I had grated for cold soba, and it occured to me that I could cut the meat into strips for a cold steak salad with Asian flavors. I didn't take note of the proportions, just threw together rice vinegar, dark sesame oil, soy sauce, chili-garlic sauce, hoisin sauce, and the remaining au jus from the steak for a savory, spicy, tangy-sweet dressing. I laid the prime rib strips on the grated cucumber, spooned on the dressing, and sprinkled chopped scallions on top. Voila! A thoroughly lip-smacking creation for one—and a much tastier way to eat a mediocre steak.