Saturday, April 4, 2009

Risking addiction: Chick-fil-A

As a general rule I avoid fast food. I find myself at one of the chains maybe once or twice a year at best, when for whatever reason a completely random craving will hit me and I'll find myself stepping into a KFC. (Popeye's was another instance, but that was in the name of experimentation.) The one exception is when I'm on a road trip: fast food then seems not only wholly appropriate, but actually appealing. Can someone explain why that is?
Nonetheless, my semester's spring break had begun, and with my free time I decided to pay a visit to my local mall, which incidentally is a near-twin of the one I used to frequent as an undergrad, both in vibe and store selection…which is to say, there's not a lot going on there. Except for the food—Foothills Mall happens to house the city's only Chick-fil-A, a chain that people always seem to be raving about if you do a search on Chowhound or many other food sites. I figured it was high time I gave the place a try. I ordered a chicken sandwich, waffle fries, and a drink.
Here's the thing: I'm kind of sorry I ate at Chick-fil-A, and not because it was bad, though the waffle fries were forgettable. My issue is that I can't stop thinking about their chicken sandwich.
Yes, this one. Fabulously crunchy seasoned breading over breast meat so juicy it practically dripped, encased in a soft white bun and needing little more than the two pickle slices it came with. I had foregone the standard slather of butter that usually goes on the toasted bread, so I can only imagine what that extra touch of dairy would add. In my opinion, the sandwich doesn't need it: the whole thing was a perfect combination of textures and flavor on its own.

Seriously, I know fast food can taste good, because that stuff is manufactured to taste good. It's just that the results so rarely are good, and they are even more rarely this good.

Now I find myself trying to concoct reasons to visit Chick-fi—ahem, the mall. I haven't been back yet, but I have a feeling I should have never gotten started.


  1. aaaah, chick-fil-a. the bf introduced the wondrous to me when we ventured into south jersey to visit his parents. it's a damn tasty chicken sammich. and yea, no condiments necessary! and i'm a sauce whore! =)

  2. Aaaah yes, there was a chick fil-a in my college cafeteria. Especially disturbing were the life size cardboard cutouts of cows holding "eat chikin" signs. I especially miss the chicken nuggets with polynesian sauce

  3. stuckinny, chick-fil-a in south jerz?! and same, i'm all about the condiments too.

    benheezy, oh dear, shall have to try the nuggets next time. what is polynesian sauce?

    James, I love those cows!