Sunday, April 19, 2009

Tortillas galore at Las IV Americas Tortelleria y Panaderia

I'm never going to buy tortillas in the supermarket again.

Just a few blocks from my apartment is Las IV Americas, a Mexican tortilleria and bakery, and when I finally stopped in, I was hit by the fragrance of cornmeal and baking tortillas and wondered why I hadn't come in earlier. Stacks of tortillas were piled on the counter, still warm.
So of course I got some corn and wheat tortillas, both super fresh. I think that package of corn tortillas was a buck—and what's pictured here is about a third less of what I purchased, since I gave some away to my neighbor, SD. The whole wheat tortillas were two bucks for the pack.
IMG_1665 IMG_1667
When I was paying, I spotted a tray of churros on the counter, too, and couldn't resist buying one. The churro had a tube of milky custard running down the middle, too—a nice surprise, making it just the thing to nosh on during the walk back to my apartment.

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