Friday, June 19, 2009

At Olive Street Bakery, the palmier is fine

Years ago, at [unnamed bakery in Queens, NYC] I bought a palmier cookie, only to find that when I put a piece of it in my mouth, the pastry crumbled soggily between my teeth and slicked my mouth with a layer of congealed grease. I spat it out immediately, but it took a while for the nasty, unctuous coating to leave my mouth. I never went back.

Not so at Olive Street Bakery in Fort Collins, where for a mere $1.55, the palmier is an enormous disc of flaky sweet pastry that shatters into a million buttery shards with each bite. The caramelized sugar nestled between each layer adds a beautiful crunch and the flavor of good butter is pure and true. And service was as sweet as the cookie: the day was hot and I was carrying a half-empty cup of water, and as I paid, the woman at the counter offered to refill it for me, since it's "important to stay hydrated." Now that's a bakery I'll go to again.

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