Saturday, June 13, 2009

Carb-loading, once again, at Silver Grill Cafe

Once a year, the members of the graduate English department at my university get together for a literature symposium, where students present the papers and essays they wrote during the course of the past semesters. It's a convivial event that showcases the work everyone's been doing, and there's a good vibe in the air.

After the first session there was a good vibe at Silver Grill Cafe, too, where WP, MC, and I went for breakfast, fueling ourselves up for the afternoon series. I've written about this place a few times before, and once again, Silver Grill did not disappoint.

WP and I split an order of the blueberry pancakes. In most cases I try not to order something I could easily make at home myself, and with pancakes, that's the thing: I am a failure at making them. I've tried, and every time they come out flat and leaden. I just can't get mine right…so I really loved the fluffy, enormous discs that arrived to the table. Seriously—any hints and secrets out there for pancake-making? I already know you mustn't overmix the batter, which might have been my main problem…
I also got the "Biscuit Short Cut" from the "Lighter Side" menu: a biscuit covered in sausage gravy, one egg, and a choice of ham, bacon, sausage patty, or sausage link. (In case you're wondering how this can possibly be a "lighter" offering, the serving size—and price—is about half that of the regular portion.) It was quite good, especially the peppery, creamy gravy. I couldn't finish it all, unless I wanted to fall asleep during the afternoon's presentations, but damn, I sure wanted to.


  1. I've never actually tried to make pancakes, but I came across this excellent tutorial from Smitten Kitchen with pictures here:

    Hope that helps!

  2. Biscuit short cut? More like biscuit short cut to my heart! "Biscuit Short Cut" would also make a terrible band name. I want one.