Monday, June 15, 2009

Neighborly blackberry muffins

SD is one of those good neighbors to have, the kind with whom you can trade coffee, baked goods, and conversation with at a moment's notice. And exchange little gifts, too: not only had she bestowed upon me a muffin pan and muffin liners earlier in the semester, but she had also pressed a container of fresh blackberries into my hands one afternoon when I dropped by. At that point, blackberry muffins were clearly in order.
Following this recipe for "the best blackberry muffins" (substituting plain nonfat yogurt for the sour cream), I whipped up a batch the next day and was pleased to find that they were still just as rich and moist as promised. (They didn't rise much, though… why is that?) I gave SD several, gave a few to other friends as well, and in the end was left with just two to enjoy for breakfast. I didn't mind—that's the only way I can get away with baking so much!

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