Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Before the bus, breakfast at Fuji Bakery

When TL and I realized that we had a weekend free, we decided to take off for Philadelphia for a few days. Maybe it's silly to return to NYC for three weeks only to leave it for somewhere else, but impromptu trips are pretty hard for me to resist.

Before boarding the Bolt Bus (which is now my bus of choice, by the way), we stopped to have breakfast at Fuji Bakery, one of the few places selling Asian baked goods in Midtown. Guess we were hungry—we ordered a hot dog bun, a pineapple bun, two roast pork buns, and two egg custard tarts, all of which were fresh and warm.
I also couldn't resist ordering a "shrimp rice roll" from the breakfast special menu…I think I was still remembering the pork version I'd eaten in Flushing. This one wasn't nearly as good: the rice noodle was thicker, the shrimp were small, and the rolls had clearly been waiting around in the steamer for a while. Still, even when these items aren't freshly made, they're pretty good. I thought it was a pretty satisfying breakfast.

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