Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A brownie, coffee, and a cricket at Cafe Ardour

I don't know why I hadn't stepped into Cafe Ardour sooner—it's one of the cutest coffee shops in Fort Collins (that I've hung out in, anyway). There is a kind of homey charm to the place, highlighted by the rustic wooden tables and tall plants nestled by the windows, the local artwork on the walls, and the dreamy 1940s French music playing softly in the background.
Using a Be Local coupon, I purchased a brownie and received a 12 oz. mug of coffee for free. I didn't think the brownie would be anything special, but once I took a bite, I discovered that the brownie wasn't just good, but excellent. It had a moist, fudgy texture and a fabulous buttery flavor behind the sweet chocolate. When KS saw the leftover piece of brownie sitting on my dining table that evening (I forced myself to eat only half, and gave her the other) and learned that it was from Cafe Ardour, she told me that she has a coworker who buys and eats one of these brownies every single day. I can totally see why.
As I sat in Cafe Ardour for the next hour or two typing up an article, I was joined by this cricket, who hopped between my table and the plant in the corner several times before disappearing. If he had tried to land on my brownie, I would have had to chase him away, but lucky for him he left the sweets for me.


  1. your posts always make me hungry, but their worth the read. i loved your shot of the cricket - i'm amazed you caught it with your camera! hope all is well!

  2. We were just there on Thursday! Great place, awesome creamy lattes.

  3. Jian—thanks!

    Kristin, I'm pretty sure I'll start hanging out there, thanks for the tip on the lattes! It's just too bad they close so early, at 7pm. I think that's what always stopped me before.