Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Pancakes and eggs at Zaidy's Deli

In the morning after the Death Cab for Cutie concert, once we roused ourselves from bed and packed our things, the four of us walked over to Zaidy's Deli to have a quick breakfast before heading back to Fort Collins.
The place offers a Kosher-style deli menu, and inside the atmosphere is straight diner. Our sturdy waitress was simultaneously friendly and no-nonsense, just the way I imagine a diner waitress should be. When we told her we were in a rush she promised to put in our order and have everything out right away.
She certainly made good on her promise, bringing out everything we asked for no more than five minutes later, but there was a drawback to the speediness—my eggs over easy were nearly raw, which I discovered as clear egg white oozed down the edge of my buttermilk pancake. The pancakes themselves were flat and had a slight baking soda or baking powder taste to them, which artificial syrup didn't manage to drown out. In short, a disappointing breakfast. I had had much higher hopes for Zaidy's, but maybe their Kosher specialties are more successful.

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