Friday, July 24, 2009

Caribbean Food Shack, now in new digs

My friend GS, who I hadn't seen in probably ten years or more (aside from a three-minute run-in at a subway station once) was in Fort Collins for a ten-day conference, and I was eager to catch up with her. Mostly I was tickled that someone I knew from NYC was actually in the area, so that tells you how excited I would be if any of you were in town. Hear that, friends? Visit me!

Since she had a full schedule and only about an hour for dinner, we walked to a stretch of restaurants near campus and came upon the Caribbean Food Shack, which had moved from its location in the gas station to a little spot all its own. I'd really liked the "combo pie" I'd eaten there, and had been meaning to try their bake 'n' shark sandwich ever since. This was the perfect opportunity.

The bake 'n' shark sandwich consists of marinated and seasoned fried shark stuffed into fluffy, fried "bake" bread, topped with cabbage slaw and a sweet Caribbean cocktail sauce. The firm flesh of the shark against the crunch of slaw and crispy bread was quite delicious, and of course it was good in the way fried things always are. Though I might have preferred that either the bread or the shark be fried, instead of both—the sandwich felt a little heavy by the time I got through it, though the sweetness of the cocktail sauce went a long way toward balancing things out.

There's so much more on the Caribbean Food Shack menu that I want to try…I'll definitely be back. Also, when we left, we came upon this scene outside:
Bunny. On a leash. Tethered to a bush. In a parking lot.
Perhaps his owner had taken him for a walk, and stopped to run an errand…?
I'll never know.

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  1. what's with you and the creatures all up in your meals? damn coloradoans; we only get carnivorous squirrels and ever-living roaches