Friday, May 16, 2008

Just don't steal my outlet: Think Coffee

One of my favorite places to camp out when I need to write or work on freelance is Think Coffee. First introduced to me a few years ago by RT, Think's list of charms is long: lots of tables; tons of electrical outlets; free, stable wifi; good, environmentally conscious coffees and teas; tasty, inexpensive food; a nice vibe and philosophy; and open late (until midnight every day). The only drawbacks are that it tends to get jammed up with NYU students, and sometimes there will be random bands playing which can be either a blessing or a terrible, terrible curse. Also, occasionally I'll be working at one of the back tables and then be forced to clear out for an art show or a reading (I do like that Think functions as a community center as well as coffee shop though—I've even shown jewelry at one of their craft and design fairs).

Their pastries are mostly ehhh, but their soups, salads, and sandwiches are generally pretty good and sometimes even fantastic. Above is a grilled chicken breast panini with sliced provolone, tomato, and aioli, served with a mesclun side salad. It's enormous, and since it's also quite rich, one split between two people (perhaps with another salad, like their beet, goat cheese, and walnut version) would make a perfectly filling meal.

Sometimes I hesitate to share favorite haunts on the internets lest they become even more crowded, but Think recently opened a second location. So for a great place to chill go to Think: It's on Bleeker. There's no coffee shop on Mercer, oh no.

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