Thursday, May 15, 2008

Rohm: Old faces, new Thai

MW and VS and I hadn't hung out since our fiction class ended nearly two years ago, and we decided it was high time for a mini-reunion of sorts. At JL's suggestion, we decided to meet up at Rohm Thai for a catch-up dinner. It's right by my office, and I realized when I arrived that I had eaten there when it was another restaurant, also Thai. The decor was sleeker and the menu was different, but it was the same space.

It was early and so the place was quite peaceful, making it a good spot for all of us to chat. I liked my duck pad see-ew, though it came with regular broccoli florets instead of Chinese broccoli, and didn't include as much egg as I would have liked. As you can see, the duck was pretty much Chinatown roast duck hacked into pieces and laid on top of the rice noodles. It was pretty tasty though—not too sweet, as I've complained about at other places before, and with a decent depth of flavor. With its low prices and good-sized portions, Rohm seems to be a respectable choice for Thai in this neighborhood, and an upgrade from the previous restaurant that occupied the space. I wonder if I should test out their pad thai?


  1. what is with you and all the pad-see-ew? I clicked on the 'thai' tag and it looks like that's your bellwether dish; I bet it's NEVER good! I got it at rohm with beef; lunch was rushed, the duck sauteed in vegetables w/ ginger sauce was aight but seriously, that is just a corny dish I think. sweet chow fun with eggs, broc. and beef; I'd much rather go with real cantonese chow fun from 69, shiiiiiiet.

  2. But...but...I love pad see ew! I like sweet chow fun dagnabbit.