Thursday, November 20, 2008

"Chinese Night" in The Fort

Like the previous "Sri Lankan Night," Apartment Life was hosting a "Chinese Night," and I dropped in to see what they had planned. At the food table, I pointed to various goodies, many of which I hadn't tasted in a while: braised pork belly, tea eggs, chicken stewed in soy sauce. I was glad to eat some Chinese home cooking from students, although I did giggle a bit when I got to the "fried rice" that was simply white rice with frozen peas and corn stirred in.

Does anyone have a recipe for the marinated potato dish above (the thin, white shreds located around 7 o'clock)? The tubers are slicked in oil and something vinegary, and are just barely cooked so still have a bit of crunch, sort of like the texture of water chestnut. I remember my mom making this, but it's been a long, long time.


  1. Those are potatoes? I always thought those were radishes - served with jellyfish and 'fragrant beef' slices?

  2. I know what dish you're talking about—the radishes are kind of sweet and pickled, no?—but this is another thing. Julienned, barely sauteed 'taters with vinegar, or something.