Friday, July 10, 2009

Cafe Zaiya: Sandwiches, a snack, and a sweet

Cafe Zaiya has held a special place in my heart ever since I had my first meal there, and when RT and I decided to meet up for lunch I jumped at the opportunity to eat there again. I arrived before he did and immediately picked up a box of assorted sandwiches, which RT amiably agreed to share with me once he showed up. He told me that he usually eats the trio of sandwiches in order of least flavorful to most, which for him means that he first goes for the tuna salad, then the egg salad, and then finally the chicken katsu. I took his suggestion and ate the sandwiches in the same order he did, but whether that added to my experience or not, I have no idea. Heh.
IMG_3173 IMG_3174
I also got a beef croquette. The inside was like mashed potatoes mixed with a bit of ground beef rather than a straight beef filling, but I had no issues with that. It reminded me a bit of the Caribbean Food Shack's Combo Pie, but with a substantial, crunchy panko crumb shell instead of one of thin fried dough.
I stashed away a "Chestnut Pie" for later, and was disappointed when I finally ate it and discovered not a filling of chestnut puree, but one of red bean with a single sweetened chestnut in the middle of it. The whole thing was too sweet overall, but I can see how others might be fans. Experimenting at Cafe Zaiya is always fun—you never know what you'll find.

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