Monday, June 9, 2008

Farewell scaffolding; Flatiron roundup

For the past five years that I've worked in the Flatiron building, it has been surrounded by scaffolding. Now summer has really begun, and as I prepare to start a new life on the other side of the country, the scaffolding seems to have come down for good. I'd call it a metaphor, but that would be too easy.

Things I've eaten in or near this office (click on the photos for a link to each post):
Chocolate-covered marshmallow innards IMG_3571.JPG
Chocolate-covered marshmallow; liege waffle
IMG_3336.JPG IMG_3345.JPG
"Shack-cago" dogs and fries; brownie
IMG_3962.JPG Crunchy crab roll, Ennju
Almond bar; crab "Christmas" roll
IMG_3526.JPG IMG_2580.JPG
Duck pad see-ew; roasted turkey sandwich
IMG_2384.JPG Egg custard pastry, Wonderful Bakery
Pastrami sandwich; egg custard tart